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Providing care for your lawn, trees, or garden can often pose a difficult dilemma. You want to have a green lawn, healthy-looking plants, and productive trees, but you also understand the importance of caring for the environment.

At Bio Green of Charlotte/Lake Norman, we will make your lawn, trees and shrubs green, healthy and beautiful in an environmentally safe manner. We utilize the patent pending natural fertilizer products custom blended by Bio Green USA Inc. These natural fertilizers are non-toxic and designed to feed your turf, trees, shrubs, and flowers as well as stimulate soil activity which builds sustainability.

Your lawn and landscape will receive all the nutrients; including nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, that your turf, garden, and trees need to thrive. These nutrients help promote steady growth, balance pH levels, strengthen roots, increase color, and improve the condition of the topsoil.

The Bio Green of Charlotte/Lake Norman  team is committed to providing superior services and competitive pricing to all other fertilization companies.

For the most environmentally safe approach to beautiful and healthy landscaping, contact Bio Green of Charlotte/Lake Norman.

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“Bio Green of Charlotte/Lake Norman has cared for my yard since 2009 – I have been with you since the early days. The Bio Green team took a yard of hard red clay soil, surrounded by large old trees and turned it into a lush beautiful yard. I highly recommend Bio Green! I appreciate all that you do!!”  ~ Tom W. , Mooresville, NC


Bio Green Fertilization – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Bio Green fertilizers safe for children and pets?

Yes. Bio Green’s patent pending formulas are a blend of liquid food grade fertilizer, plant nutrients and soil amendments. All of our ingredients are safe for children and pets with no wait time after spraying, so our users are free to enjoy their lawns and landscapes immediately after the fertilizer has been applied.

2. Are Bio Green fertilizers safe for the environment?

Yes. We are committed to the preservation and protection of our environment from the pollutants associated with synthetic fertilizer and the over-use of pesticides and herbicides. We strive to nurture the soil and promote the healthy productive plant life of residential lawns, home gardens, professional turf grasses and agricultural crops. Bio Green’s ingredients are environmentally-friendly and are designed to produce outstanding results without the harmful side effects of pollutants.

Aside from caring for the soil, we also care about North Carolina’s waterways. Bio Green’s environmentally-friendly fertilizer products are designed to reduce the nutrient and pollutant run-off into one of our most precious resources.

3. Are Bio Green fertilizer products safe to use near waterways (ponds, creeks, rivers, and lakes)?

Yes. Bio Green is a bio-based natural product and is environmentally-friendly. By using our products, you are actually contributing to the health and well-being of your neighbors downstream by choosing a natural fertilizer that is not high in Nitrogen and Phosphorus, which are known to contribute to decline in the quality of our natural water resources.

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